Mopping the Floor

       As the proud manufacturer of the new MineralGloss.  renewable floor protectant system. The only truly sustainable, versatile, natural high anti-slip coefficient and 100% mineral-based protector that works on all types of floors (Concrete to vinyl tyles) without the need for specialized equipment, fancy tools, and upfront investments.


    This system will completely eliminate the costly need for stripping and will reduce by half the need for re-coating and polishing. The Protector's permanent HIGH pH will not permit microbial growth élininating odors, mold & mildew, as well as helping to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAI).


    Imagine NO more polishing dust & burns, NO black shoe marks, NO yellowing, peeling and cracking, NO more embedded dirt and grime! We guaranty substantial reductions in operating costs for your organization. Give your clients beautiful, healthy, clean & shiny floors  365 days/year while eliminating the environmental footprint bringing it down to ZERO! Renewable Floor Protectant System is

Profitable Sustainability made Easy!

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